Bulk Pre Orders

**Pre Ordered Stones are submitted 1st and the 15th of every month by 8pm CST
Next order dates:
Oct 1 (Opens Sept 30th)
Oct 15 (Opens Oct 13th)

Resin Stone Count: 
2mm & 3mm 100k stones
4mm 50k
5mm 30k
6mm 10k

Glass Stone Count:
ss3-ss20 =10 gross 1440 stones
ss30 = 2 gross 288 stones

Flatback Pearl Count:
1.5mm 10k
2mm 10k
2.5mm 10k
3mm 10k
4mm 10k
5mm 5k
6mm 5k
7mm 2k
8mm 2k
9mm 2k
10mm 2k
12mm 1k
14mm 1k 
16mm 1k
20mm 500

What is a pre order?
This means you are pre-paying for bulk products that will be shipped to you at a later date.

REFUNDS AND DISCOUNTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED ON PRE ORDERS! Sometimes orders take longer than expected since stones are shipped from overseas. Approx. 2-8 weeks.