PGMIX #1 Halloween Sparkle Deluxe(glass)- PRE ORDER

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Please read before buying!

This is only for our monthly buy-ins

Orders are submitted every 1st and the 15th of each month. If you place your order after the submission day, it will not be submitted until the next submission day.




black ss20

Neon orange ss16 

neon green ss10, ss20

Opal white  ss6, ss16

Neon  yellow  ss20

hyacinth ss20, ss10

Olivine ab ss16


How many stones am I getting? 
2mm/3mm 100k stones
4mm 50k
5mm 30k
6mm 10k

What is a pre order?
This means you are pre-paying for bulk products that will be shipped to you at a later date.

REFUNDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED! Monies are used to buy stones straight from the vendor, I do not hold onto the money. Sometimes orders take longer than expected since stones are shipped from overseas. Approx. 2-8 weeks.